25. Jun, 2016

24.06.16 Towanda, PA to Niagara Falls, NY

Setting off this morning, the weather was a glorious 20 degrees with a slight breeze.  Warm enough for no gloves I had first thought, but no, I did need them.  Although most of the bikers that pass us in the other direction are wearing shorts, vests and leather waistcoats on their Harley Davidson's,some with a little half helmet (which doesn't even cover their ears) some with their heads bare.  Rather them, than us!  One guy at our lunch stop exclaimed at "all that gear- in this heat?", but once you're riding along it's comfortable.  It's only roasting when we stop in traffic jams, which always seem to come later in the day, and it's reaching 30 degrees, like today when we cruised into Niagara Falls.  Niagara  Falls!! We cannot wait to visit the falls in the morning, for now though we are enjoying the air conditioning in our motel, the Rodeway Inn.

For now, just sometimes, it still feels like we're starring in a USA road trip movie, where all the characters are larger than life, and cliches of everything you ever thought about America!