26. Jun, 2016

25.06.16 Niagara Falls, New York State- St Marys, Pennsylvania

After staying close by to the falls last night, we got up early at 6.15, so we could beat the rush of people to view the falls.

It was a lovely 10 minute walk across the bridge to the viewing point at Cave of Winds, across on Goat Island, and the weather was warm and sunny.

The Niagara Falls are truly amazing, the fact that you can see just over the river to Canada, across either sides of the very top of Lake Erie.  The Canadian side of the falls, known as Horshoe are reached over Rainbow Bridge, and it is really not hard to see why it is named that.

We did beat the crowds, and were lucky enough to get good clear views of the water constantly gushing down, and I was even allowed onto the Observation Deck, once we had established that it only cost $1.25 each, not the $18.25 we first thought ("I'm not paying that!").

We had finished viewing and returned to our motel by 10 am, and were ready to move on for the day.

As it was Saturday, there was a constant stream of Harley Davidsons everywhere.  Today we also saw large amounts of cyclists, and people barbequeing, swimming in little round pools, out back of their roadside homes, plus the normal deer, and bear signs (no actual bears yet!).

Lunch was in a little town called Hamburg, that we chose by following signs for food from the highway. A father and daughter chatted to us over lunch, and bought our drinks for us, fascinated as to why we chose their little town for lunch.

This evening we reached the motel we wanted to stay at, in Emporium, but it was full, so ended at St Marys instead, where me met a lovely waitress at Pizza Hut, called Gina.  Gina was full of enthusiasm, and enjoyed talking about England, where she had visited 10 years ago. She also has kindly given us details of a local Elk viewing centre, so we'll now be heading there in the morning.