28. Jun, 2016

26.06.16 St Marys, Pennsylvania to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Another early rise, this time after a quick breakfast we set off for the Elk Viewing area that Gina the waitress had told us about. Gina was born in the area we stayed in, and told us she was brought up with the Elks all around, and that it is particularly special in the area in mating season, when the Elk bulls bugle loudly.


The viewing area was at Benazette, about 10 miles away from our route, but it was well worth it.  The area was beautiful, and we were lucky enough to see two female Elks having a good munch on the grass.

Moving on today, we rode through a lot of farm land, toward West Virginia, our stop for the night. The scenery was still very green, with the rising Blue Ridge Mountains briefly in the distance. Quite a lot of similarities to Kent, apart from the well spaced wooden houses, which have no set boundaries, no fences, and large open fronts.  We saw a great many people on their sit on mowers today, they must spend hours mowing away.  The rest of the county appeared to be out on their motorcycles again today, we saw all kinds, sports bike riders, lady Harley rider teams, adventure bike riders, dirt bike riders.  If they’re not motorcyclists, they enjoy other toys, Buggies, caravans, R.V.’s, pickup up trucks as high as a small house, or low slung older style cars with loud smoking exhausts.

We met a few interesting people today:

One an old guy at Top’s Diner at Huntingdon, who told us his life story extremely quickly, without pause, right back from when he was a boy.  A very sweet old guy, who told us 15 years ago he had weighed 300 lb (21 ½ stone), and had to have 4 bypasses on his heart. Apparently he was told to change his diet, as he was eating McDonalds 4 times a day (we’re guessing this might be quite normal here), and now he goes to the Diner every day, and they make him a salad, full of Spinach!

The second was Alberto, who pulled in to the Gas station when we were stopped for a drink.  His bike was identical to Paul’s (although not any people here seem to have heard of BMW as a make of motorcycle), same year and everything. He was so excited, he abandoned his bike and leapt off to talk to us.  Turns out he is Chilean, and had lots of useful info to give us about both Central and South America, and in particular Chile.  Alberto has worked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 25 years, but still loves his country very much.

Tonight’s stop is in Cacapon State Park, Berkeley Springs, which is beautiful, and overlooking mountains.