29. Jun, 2016

27.06.16-28.06.16 Berkeley Springs to Gladwyne, Pennsylvania via Bethesda, Maryland

After bumping along the road to view the mountain overlook this morning, and finding it a little misty, we started to move on again.  Today was extremely warm, and the closer we got to Maryland the more humid the temperature became.  However, we managed to dodge the rain again, and pulled up to my cousin Louise’s at about 3.45 pm. 

Lou had been sent home early from her job at school due to a suspect package, and Iain and Ruth had both had the day off. They welcomed us into their home, making poor Ruth leave her bedroom to let us have it, and as we were so hot and sticky we showered before heading back downstairs.

From then on, we spent hours catching up and talking about various holidays we had all taken, and where they had enjoyed on their visits around the U.S.A.  A wonderful time, with our lovely family.  Louise was also kind enough to make us a lovely meal, full of veg, salad and fruit- a very welcome sight after all the meat we’ve been seeing.


Next morning, we awoke after everyone had left, and had a leisurely breakfast left by Lou, before heading out.  Iain had recommended that we make our journey today via Lancaster, which is Amish country, and so we did.  Once again, beautiful scenery and a few glimpses of horse and carts, plus an Amish girl on a scooter (no pedal power allowed).  The shops were all Amish goods for sale, furniture and wooden products.


We arrived at Gladwyne, at 3.30, to the beautiful home of Marc and Ang Breuers who had invited us to stay for a couple of nights.  Marc is a buddy that Paul has met from the rally world.  We have been made to feel extremely welcome, and at home, in an extraordinary way.  Last night Marc took us to his family restaurant (a 3 minute walk away), for an exquisite meal. Paul and I both enjoyed Sweinepfeffer very much.