3. May, 2016

La Palme del Condado Spain, to Cortagana, Spain via Carvoeiro, Portugal 01.05.16-02.05.16


On Sunday morning we left La Palma del Condado with high winds behind and to the sides of us. They were so strong that we saw kestrels above us that were really having to fight, flapping their wings to stay in one place.

Sunday saw us making a return to Benagil in Portugal, where Paul's Mum and Dad kindly put us up again, so that we could make our secret rendezvous with Jane and Roger Hawkins in the evening. Roger is a rally friend of Paul's, and Jane and I had a fun time together being "rally widows" together in Greece last summer.

Roger and Paul had cooked up a plan to surprise Jane, and as they sauntered through the town on Sunday night, we popped out, and she shouted "I thought you were in Spain!" We had a lovely evening catching up and laughing together.

On Monday morning after breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Paul's parents and started heading North along the EX802, through some beautiful scenery.

The riding went really well today, Paul is beginning to enjoy the bike with the sidecar attached, and getting used to the very different feel of things. I felt like I was enjoying a very smooth ride (as long as I relax inside my little tub, and go with the flow).

For me, riding along with the beautiful scenery whilst listening to The Archers omnibus is pure pleasure.

The end of the day found us winding up roads that became narrower and narrower until we reached our destination, a cabin in the woods! Well, along with another 30 cabins anyway....
It is a beautiful spot though, so we think we might just have a day off here tomorrow.