4. May, 2016

Cortegana, Spain to Brozas, Spain 04.05.16


We had a restful day yesterday. We hiked on a walk up and away from the wooden bungalows in the woods, to see if we could find the view of the village set out below us. The walk continued up rocky climbs for seemingly hours, making Paul reminisce about his various rallies that he taken him me his motorbike over rocky climbs and tiny paths. We couldn't find the top, after an hour and a half of climbing upwards, so turned back, although Paul was still convinced the view was "only another corner away".

This morning we headed out of Cortegana, and the road took us through Jabugo, a town very famous for it's Bellota ham, a very special (and delicious) type of Serrano ham. There are a lot of companies in this town producing this ham, and it's heavily advertised in each and every cafe and restaurant.

We headed onward through lots of small villages, until we entered Extramadura, which has the reputation for being one of the hottest/coldest parts of Spain. It is peppered with trees, and we've seen a good many Eagles in the last hour or two.

A small roadside hotel is our stop for tonight. Near a lake, which we are just off to explore.