10. May, 2016

Brozas, Spain to Salamanca, Spain 10-11.05.16


After filling the morning reading books and diving in and out of rain showers to visit the donkey, the time got to 1 o'clock and a man in a SEUR van turned up at the hotel with a parcel with a BMW part in it, the part that we ordered. Thank goodness, now just to follow the instructions on the Internet to put it on to the bike. The problem was that our key was no longer being read by the bike's computer brain, and so the bike has been permanently immobilised.

Out at the bike and dodging the now very heavy downpours, the new part was fitted in a temporary fashion, as shown and held on with cable ties. We then put the key to the new part, whilst turning the ignition on in the old ignition ring, and BINGO! It worked.

It was very exciting, but the time had ticked on to 3pm, the weather showed no sign of clearing and we decided to wait for the morning before attempting our getaway.

Come this morning, we were both a little nervous- would it still start? Would we be pushing it up the hill that left the hotel? Will we make the 136 mile journey to the BMW garage in Salamanca without breakdown?

Firstly, the hotel owner chose this morning to have his longest chat with Paul about how long we are away, and where we are going next........ then at last after six days, we're ready the bike is packed, and----we're off and away!

We both spent the first half hour worrying about when the engine was going to stop, but became slowly convinced that no, it wasn't - and the trusty steed brought us all the way to Salamanca, where we are now, to Ifni Motos.

We were met at the workshop door like customers that had bought a bike yesterday. Within a few minutes the boss had called out a mechanic, told us to put our helmets and jackets in his office and sent us to the bar next door for lunch.

Half an hour later a staff member came to find us 'your bike is ready'. We can collect it when they are back from their lunch break at 4 o'clock.

We booked into an apartment 300 metres up the road for Ifni Motos and that is where we are now.
Shall we stay 1 night or 2? The weather doesn't look very good for tomorrow and Salamanca is somewhere we'd like to have a look around........