11. May, 2016

Salamanca. 11.05.16



Due to the change in plan, we decided to spend some time visiting the city of Salamanca today.

This is a beautiful and deeply historical University city with a beautiful cathedral.

We took the bus the 4 km (€1.40 ) into the city centre, and armed with our tourist map we set off to view the sights.

The university dominates the city, and the streets are filled with students. Many of the shops near the university are dedicated to reference books. There's also a large amount of museums, green spaces and many tiny and very old fashioned shops whose insides are lined with brown wooden cabinets. Truly lovely to see these.

The blend of new and old is very charming, and although it was quite cold today all the cafes had their tables and chairs out ready for custom.

As with most places we've visited in Spain, Salamanca is friendly, and people are helpful.

Very glad we have had the opportunity to visit somewhere we have only passed through, or by in the past.

We're now planning where we might head tomorrow, looks like there's still another couple of days of rain left yet......