12. May, 2016

Salamanca to Pena da Cova, Spain 12.05.16


Fonte da Cova, Casayo, Spain.

We awoke this morning to cold but crisp weather, had a quick breakfast, packed, and made our getaway.

We'd done a lot of research last night with the map and our weather app, before deciding to head West. Paul had found a great looking place in Casayo, in the mountains just above the North East tip of Portugal , and ok, so it might be raining a bit, but it was raining everywhere, so off we headed.

The first bit of the journey was on the motorway, which was easy, but chilly. After a stop for coffee, I decided that my silk balaclava was called for, and it was lovely, after that I was a lot warmer.

We started heading into the Mountains which despite the cold and odd rain showers is very beautiful.

In a small village, we decided to stop for lunch, and as Paul drove slowly through the street, he spotted what looked like a light in a cafeteria, so we stopped and headed into the gloom.

Inside a woman behind the counter briskly swept us into the back room, where all the tables were set for lunch. She told us, "put your things here, sit down there".

Once seated she rattled off a list of items that she had for first and second course, and we quickly established both what Paul wanted and also what I could have, without gluten. What followed was an extremely speedy and tasty lunch of lentils, chorizo, vegetables and beef, topped off with flan (creme caramel). Delicious and all done and dusted in 40 mins.

That lunch set us up nicely and also just about kept us warm enough for what was to come next........ Onwards we travelled, with the roads climbing up and up, until we were in the cloud. In the cloud?? Oh look, snow- there's snow over there on the mountain top, oh, hang on it is snowing, here, on us, right now and here's our hotel! What is this madness?

Anyway, we found the reception, dragged our bags out in the snow, covered the sidecar as quickly as possible, and ran in for warmth, ooh, lovely warmth. It was at this point that Paul told me it was zero degrees outside........ So let's hope we don't get snowed in tonight 🌨❄️