14. May, 2016

La Pena da Cova, Spain to Angouleme, France via Miranda de Ebro. 13.05.16-14.05.16


So, we've made the decision this morning that due to the poor weather we've had recently and a couple of issues still with the bike we're cutting short the trip by 3 days, hopefully back on Monday 16th.

This will also be really helpful as we've still got lots to do to prepare for the USA in about a month....

We made it back down from the snowy mountain this morning, in the fog and ice!! We felt we waited as long as we could, and finally set off about 11 am, it was very thick cloud that we rode through, and the only vehicles going the other way were the lorries heading to and fro from the mine. Paul took it extremely steady, and within 20 minutes or so we had reached the bottom, the temperature had risen from 2 degrees to about 8, and there were even a few patches of blue sky to be seen.

The rest of the day was spent using dual carriageways and we stopped for the night, at a hotel in Miranda de Ebro in Spain, about one and half hours from the French border.

This turned out to be a very interesting stop as Paul was sent off into a network of roads in order to find the back of the hotel and enter the garage. This was done by means of him driving into a vehicle lift and descending!

Later on we went out in search of food, which turned out to have all been eaten! It was another fiesta, the whole town had been out in the streets partying, and there was still a real buzz, and a band playing. We found food (the last olives and anchovies in town), but more importantly beer and g'n't's in the lovely 1920's Cafe Real. A lovely evening.

This morning we packed the bike in the garage and set off together via the vehicle lift to the outside world.... most exciting.

Today has been a straight forward day of riding, and we have covered 300 miles.

Tonight we have stopped at a chain hotel, in Angouleme, France and had a quick dinner in the Buffalo Grill, before making our way to Caen for our ferry, which leaves tomorrow night at 11pm.