16. May, 2016

Home again 16.05.16


So that's that then!

Back home, after getting into Portsmouth this morning at 6.45 am, and after a clear run home, we are now unpacking in the comfort of our home.

All in all, we are very pleased with how everything went, we rode 3,200 miles and both came home very happy that the motorbike and sidecar is the right thing for us at the moment.

It was particularly enjoyable being treated like celebrities wherever we went in Spain and Portugal as they really loved seeing the outfit.  On the way home this morning we even had English thumbs up, and a woman telling us "I hate bikes, but I love that!".

Now, we must get down to our final preperations for the USA, in just over a month......

Please check back here then, as we'd love to share our journey with you.