21. Apr, 2016

Getting off in Santander 20.04.16

“We awoke at 6.30 to the Up and Down of crossing the Bay of Biscay in a boat today. My stomach was turning over with every heave ho of the boat, followed by it making a metal screech as it crashes down on to the sea. 

We stayed in our beds until 9.30, before getting up for very wobbly showers, followed by a stagger along to the food hall, for whatever was left of breakfast there. Tea for two, Thick bacon, eggs, tomato and hash browns, plus toast for Paul. Yum. 

As the boat had left an hour late yesterday, because of refuelling problems, we were on course for arriving an hour late at 6.15 pm, great only another 7.5 hours to fill..... We filled this by trying to walk outside whilst it was still extremely choppy, into horizontal rain. We did the quiz in the bar for half an hour (how many children do the Simpsons have?), and watched all the various shapes and sizes of dog being walked around their small designated patch at the back of the boat. To the accompanying sounds of their dog friends howling from their special dog pound at the top of the boat.

The excitement of the trip was put on hold for a while, until that time that land comes creeping ever nearer, and a small thrill starts to run around the boat. This is when everyone heads into their cabins and emerges j  white shorts, well it is Spain, it's always sunny there, was the general cry. What in the mountains? In April? We decided there would be a good few heaters turned on in their cars once we'd disembarked. 

It was time for us to layer up again, and head from the boat to Santillana Del Mar, in Northern Spain for our first nights stop, only about 20 miles from the port of Santander.