23. Apr, 2016

Vouzela, Portugal to Ferreira do Zerere


A slower start to this morning, beginning with a small(!) Portuguese breakfast in the wonderful place we stayed last night. The manager Sandra was so excited to have us there, but nervous of her English (which was excellent)- and could not do enough to make us comfortable. They had bought in and made so many things for my gluten free breakfast, there was enough to send us off with a box to last the day.
Portuguese hospitality at it's very best.

As we said yesterday, today was a shorter riding day of 106 miles, from Vouzela to Ferreira do Zezere. About 30 of these were in the narrow, twisty roads in the hills again.

As we gradually head further south, the weather is getting warmer and the clouds fewer. So, no blanket required in the sidecar today.

Due to the oversupply at breakfast, we didn't need lunch, we stopped at a mini market in Ferreira do Zezere, a mile before our destination to stock up on supplies for a picnic dinner.

Went out for a walk around the surrounding lanes, and stopped at a local bar (for local people!) on the way back for a cold drink