29. Apr, 2016

Ayamonte, Spain to La Zarzuela, Spain 29.04.16


After a couple of nights staying with Paul's Mum and Dad on the Algarve, and a stop last night at Ayamonte, just over the border into Spain, it was time for moving on again.

We wanted to head down toward Tarifa, which is the lowest point of land in Spain, and should arrive there tomorrow, to check things out.

The weather was overcast, but warm, warm enough for no gloves for me at least, as we made our way along the motorway via Huelva, and Seville before turning South toward Cadiz.

What was a treat, and passed the time in a very amusing way was the amount of people tooting their horns, and pulling up beside for photos of us or thumbs up. Paul said there were even people pulling right up behind to take photos, when the driver was the only person in the car! The Spanish and Portuguese people are enthusiastic and love nothing more than hanging out the window waving. Paul wondered "if it's like this now, what will it be like in South America?"

Only time will tell of course........