30. Apr, 2016

La Zarzuela, Spain to La Palma del Condad, Spain 30.04.16


Started off the day at the lovely Finca we stayed at last night. It was very peaceful in the tiny little village of La Zarzuela about 3 miles from the coast.

Heading off, we visited Tarifa, surfing capital of Spain, where the winds coming from the Moroccan mountains make great waves. It's a vibrant town, full of many nationalities.

Stopping for a coffee at the Mirador de Estrecho we looked across to Morocco, and the rock of Gibraltar. The countryside here is peppered with wind turbines to harness the sheer strength of wind across those Straits.

Toward the very end of our 200 mile journey, we stopped for a breather, and a storm started to close in. We packed up and quickly headed off, just to arrive at our stop for the night right in the eye of the storm!

Of course, once we were unloaded and the bike garaged, as I sit here writing now the sunshine has returned - let's hope it stays.