4. Aug, 2016

02.08.16 Invermere, Alberta, Canada to The Crossing Resort, Icefields Parkway, Canada

Up early for leaving at 8.30am.  We were off and on our way to Banff, specifically to Tim Horton’s fast food, because our two very good friends Jane and Nick had arrived in Calgary yesterday.

They have come to join us for 12 days, on our trip, which we are thrilled about. 

Anyway, there they were waiting as we rode along, and we spent a good couple of hours catching up and laughing together, before heading off for the Icefields Parkway.

Although we had already been travelling with the Rocky Mountains as our companions for a while, what we had seen before was nothing compared to today in the Icefields. Wow! The glaciers were endless, glacial rivers of icy blue, the steep and jagged mountains went on and on.

It is, as you would imagine much busier here, a smaller roadway to take through this landscape, and many holiday makers, but worth every step of the way.

We are stopped for the night at The Crossing Resort, at Saskewatchan Crossing, about halfway up through the parkway towards Jasper.

Of course, our stops have been numerous today, for catching up, and enjoying the views together.

The joy of  having Nick and Jane rumbling along behind us in their rented Ford Mustang, 5.0 V8, is immense.

Roll on tomorrow………