4. Aug, 2016

03.08.16 Icefields Parkway, Canada to Grande Cache, Canada

We were all ready by 9am this morning, for heading off.  Last night we had sat watching the mountains bathed in sun, whilst it snowed, rained and there was a rainbow.  A stunning place to spend the night indeed.

The rain had continued heavily all night, but it was clear this morning, with the mountain tops shrouded in mist and cloud. Also, a rather chilly 9 degrees when we set off.  We had decided we would eat breakfast along the way, and stopped off at the Athabasca Glacier Visitor Center for a quick bite.  From there we could see the glacier, and people going out in buses to visit and walk on it. Apparently this glacier has a thickness as high as the Eiffel Tower.

Whilst we passed through this particular part of the Parkway, the Icefields were numerous and It was still extremely cold, although perhaps not for Nick and Jane in their Mustang with the car’s heated seats on!

The parkway was 120 miles long, and as we got to within 20 miles of Jasper at the very top the weather began to change and heated up very quickly, whilst the skies changed from overcast to blue.

Past Jasper, we turned just before Hinton, onto road 40 Northbound, ‘The scenic route to Alaska’, we shall be heading North for some time, with Nick and Jane for company for another few days yet.