6. Aug, 2016

04.08.16-06.08.16 Grand Cache to Fort Nelson, Canada via Dawson Creek, Canada.

aIt seemed strange setting off in convoy this morning, with the normal bike and sidecar, followed by the throaty roar of Nick’s Mustang!

At first, it was a little overcast but not too bad after the torrential rain of yesterday evening. Grand Cache had turned out to be a stop in the busy area of workers, and not a great deal else. 

There are immense stretches of road here with nothing by the sides apart from Landfill,  Energy supplying plants, or logging companies. The trucks are a lot longer and are allowed to drive a lot faster than at home, some bombing along at 80 mph. Understandable though, because it’s so far to anywhere here.

The sun did come out in the end, and we cruised along enjoying it, whilst Jane and Nick really enjoyed the benefits of their convertible roof, once they had passed us, we also enjoyed their music playing at high volumes!

Dawson Creek was a fairly large place 60,000 plus population, but most exciting for us is that is at mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway (also known as the Alcan). We have this wonderful guide book with us, The Mile Post, which details every single mile of this historic highway.

The highway now runs for 1,387 miles from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada to Delta Junction, in Alaska, America, but was originally 1,700 miles long when built in 1942 over the 7 summer months.  Workers began at each end, and met at mile 588, Contact Creek on the Yukon/British Columbia border. Its purpose was to join Canada to Alaska. Thankfully, nowadays it is all paved road. The original length has been shortened by various re-routings around towns, or cutting out bends, etc.

Yesterday, Nick and Jane decided to stay in Dawson Creek, whilst we moved on to Fort Nelson (Mile 283). Our journey had us meeting the usual array of interesting people, in particular, Vince and his doggy Sabbi, another pair of motorcycle and sidecar riders. Also, a young guy, originally from Bristol who had just bought his bike in Alaska, and was making his way to California, who asked Paul for advice about his chain (it was bone dry, and needed replacing), and was spending his nights wild camping in the forest in a hammock ‘I’ve seen a lot of bears!’ he said to us.

However, the highlight of the day yesterday was meeting a lovely couple at the motel who were riding together on a bike the same as ours, George and Shirley, from Edmonton in Canada. They kindly invited us to dinner, and we spent a lovely evening in their company swapping stories.  We really hope to meet up with them on our way back down through Canada.

We are now enjoying a rest day, and Nick and Jane are on their way for one last night together, before they start heading back down country again, and we continue our journey North to Alaska!