10. Aug, 2016

09.08.16. Watson Lake, Yukon Territory to Teslin, Yukon Territory. Canada.

 We’re not moving on too far today, so that we get a chance to keep comfortable and make sure we see what we want to see.

It was warmish and sunny when we left Watson Lake this morning, and we had only 160 miles to ride to Teslin, our stop for the night.  The Alaska Highway that we are following, takes us back into British Columbia briefly before returning to the Yukon Territory. 

We first heard about the Yukon on Ice Road Truckers, a tv programme that follows the winter truckers trekking all over Alaska, during winter, when some of the frozen rivers can be used as roads. 

I think it’s fair to say we see a lot of evidence of how difficult it must be to live here permanently, and for produce, goods and services to be delivered to the areas.  They are pretty remote; in that it takes hours to get anywhere.  There might be a sign at the roadside occasionally which will say, so and so lake 300 km east, and this would just be seen as a ‘Sidetrip’.  There is certainly no problem for the locals to drive 100’s of kilometres on a round trip to get what they need.

The only wildlife we saw today was a beautiful and friendly red squirrel, when we stopped to view some waterfalls. The stunning scenery has returned though. Endless pines, with the ghostly outlines of far off mountains always in the distance.

We are however, meeting more and more travellers, and the first question is always ‘are you going North or South?’, because most people using the Alaskan Highway are doing so to visit Alaska.  Everyone is friendly and there is feeling of a camaraderie among us. It’s a feeling of heading for the top of the world, only the foolhardy may apply!

Our stop tonight is at Mile 804 of the highway, Teslin, which was the domain of Native Indians and Inuits until the White Men came and changed everything in 1942 with the building of the Alaskan Highway.