11. Aug, 2016

10.08.16 Teslin, Yukon Territory to Haines Junction, Yukon Territory. Canada

A chillier start this morning, 11 degrees, but still sunny. I tucked myself into the sidecar warmly under the cover. No side winds for me today! 

We were accompanied by blue lakes on our left nearly all the way to Whitehorse.  

Whitehorse is a major town that sits in the centre of the Alaskan Highway but also has other major highways running to it, so it's more stocked, busy and bustling than we've seen for a week or so.  

Paul had been communicating with Yukon Yamaha to see if they could turn our tyres around on the rims for us.  They had said to try popping by. 

Because of the set up of the bike and sidecar the tyres wear unevenly, and turning them will extend the life. 

When we arrived at Yukon Yamaha they were exceedingly busy with riders all having new tyres fitted, either where they'd already been on the gravel roads, or were preparing for going. There was an awful lot of testosterone buzzing around. 

They could do it for us, Paul just had to go and buy a couple more tools and remove the two wheels for changing. No problem!! 

It all went well, we popped off to visit SS Klondike and now we're stopped for the night at Haines Junction