13. Aug, 2016

11.08.16 Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada to Tok, Alaska, U.S.A.

Up early for a long day’s ride today. 280 miles to go to Tok.

In Haines Junction, it was an extremely small town with about 8 motels/inns and two hippy type shops and bakeries that did real health foods, and organic rawfoods.  We bought our breakfast in the shop there, Turkey roll for Paul and rice with cranberries for me. Absolutely delicious.  Sometimes we have really struggled with the lack of nutritious food choices, it’s burgers and hot dogs all the way, so we’re hoping we can have some fresh salmon and halibut in Alaska.

Once again, the chill wind was blowing, and the temperature gauge stayed down at 11.5 degrees for a long time. We stopped for Hot Chocolate after riding 65 miles to the first available service area, and what a lovely treat that was.  Paul also bought himself some straps, as the extra petrol can we bought a couple of weeks ago has taken to swinging about a bit whilst in transit.

At about 100 miles into our ride, we came across the first Construction work on the road, and then sat either at traffic lights or behind the Pilot Car again for the next 40 miles. We were taken through mud, gravel and clouds of dust.  The trees lining the roads either side were sheathed in dust overcoats. Still, a very essential part of the highway maintenance here.

A stop for lunch found us in another tiny bakery/creperie which was rather odd.  We plumped for a lunch of soup, which was really just warm water with celery floating in it (Paul hates celery).

At about mile 170 today we reached the U.S border to Alaska, and were passed through easy enough. We were even allowed a ‘bear’ stamp in our passports.

We are stopping tonight in a cabin at Tok, and what we have noticed being back in the U.S straightaway is that the shops are full of guns for sale again.