20. Aug, 2016

18.08.16 Palmer, Alaska return to Tok, Alaska

Well, we shall be leaving Alaska again tomorrow, after a week, it’s been very quick and pretty chilly!

Alaska is diverse, the largest U.S state, and is one fifth the size of the rest of the entire 48 States put together. We have travelled 1,200 miles here, and seen just a tiny amount of what is available.  So, we have decided that this is most definitely one place we shall return to by plane, and explore more in depth, with trips out by boat to various islands and whale watching.  It’s also a fantastic place for hunting, fishing and canoeing.

We travelled on another beautiful route today, where the scenery was green, forest, mountains, glaciers, and beautiful black top roads curving gently throughout. This road, Glenn Highway, Alaska Road number 1, ran through the stunning Copper Valley, where they hold a yearly Dog Sled race, and ended at the St. Elias Mountain range.  I think it’s fair to say that all the people we have met that live here permanently are full of the grit you would expect from people that have only 4 months of ‘fair weather’ a year, and the rest of the time must deal with freezing, icy tough conditions. This was especially true of Jeannie who sold us Reindeer Hot Dogs at lunch time, and had a different story for each of her customers at her little hut. Truly fascinating.

We shall be sad to leave tomorrow, but the trip moves on, and we with it, back, in a few days hopefully to warmer weather, and the beginnings of Going South.