20. Aug, 2016

19.08.16 Tok, Alaska return to Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada

Last night, we finally got to eat the halibut I’d been yearning for, at Fast Eddy’s in Tok.  It was wonderful, fresh, meaty and very tasty.

This time as we rode away from the American Border we stopped for photographs of the Welcome to Alaska board, plus the border between Yukon/Alaska.  We missed this on the way in, as it’s on a bend, right before the passport control office.

Once again, the Customs Officer at the Canadian Border was most welcoming and friendly.  She was very interested in ‘that thing you’ve got going on there’, and where we’d been and were going with it.

So, we are returning on the Alcan, Alaskan Highway for now, at least, as there are just no other major roads we can take.  This meant returning to the scene of last weeks long, long construction works, with at least 40 miles of road works again, following the pilot cars, and waiting up to 15 minutes each time for the pilot car to arrive, we just seemed to time it badly today, and to wait each time.  Still, we passed the time by chatting to other people waiting, and the ‘Flag Lady’, who told us she worked three weeks on and one week off, lived in Whitehorse (150 miles away), and worked as a Flag Man from May to October each year.

The weather is most definitely colder than when we went in to Alaska, and everyone is now talking about the weather closing in soon, and getting ready for Winter.  There’s a change in the air, and the trees are on the turn.

Back to Haines Junction, although in a different Motel this time, still with a wonderful view of the mountain. We paid another visit to the Little Green Apple, a health food shop and bought some goodies to nosh in our room.