21. Aug, 2016

20.08.16. Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada to Johnson’s Crossing, Yukon, Canada

At our motel last night, there were some beautiful breakfast ingredients left in the fridge for us, so we cooked up a lovely scrambled eggs on toast this morning, whilst enjoying a very leisurely start to the day.

Today’s ride was only going to be 170 miles, so we knew we could take our time. We are still re-covering ground in the opposite direction, but it’s amazing just how much I see that I didn’t see going the other way. Although I have a three-way view, my view to the right is completely blocked out by the bike.

It was mightily cold again today, sometimes as low as 8.5 degrees celsius, so it was necessary for me to tuck myself right in under the cover of the sidecar, which is wind and rainproof.  This cover has a double skin of a thick waterproof material. I was also wearing three layers on top, with a thermal liner to my jacket, thermal under trousers, and a cover for my face.  I have always suffered more with the cold than Paul has, but even he was cold today.  We have decided that somehow, even though the temperature gauge may read 15 degrees celsius here, it seems much colder- is it the wide open spaces surrounded by mountains covered in snow? Very strange.

We have a day off tomorrow, and then the plan is to follow a different route back through Canada, called the Cassiar Highway, which we have been told is very beautiful.

For now, we are stopped at Johnson’s Crossing Lodge, at the site of a bridge spanning a gorge.  There is a population here of 15.  Accommodation is so few and far between on this Highway, you must take what is there.  The lodge seems very quirky, and interesting, and we shall have an explore further in the area tomorrow (whilst avoiding going too far into the bushes, thus avoiding the bears that are numerous here).