23. Aug, 2016

22.08.16. Johnson’s Crossing, Yukon Territory to Dease Lake, British Columbia. Canada

We really enjoyed staying at Johnson’s Crossing Lodge the last two nights, it was nothing special, a very tiny bedroom, a little bit run down outside, but it had an absolute bellyful of character.  Frank and Sandy who own and run the lodge, have owned it for three years, and say they have never worked so hard for so little! Sandy bakes fresh bread and cakes all day, plus provides meals to an ever flowing amount of customers in the cosy cafeteria, which is full of Alaskan books, jewellery, postcards, moccasins, knits etc.  The most popular are the ‘world famous’ cinnamon buns, which sadly Paul doesn’t like and I can’t eat, but Paul had a lovely apple turnover and a tremendous great blueberry ‘scone’ (on separate days, of course!), and the chicken soup was amazing.  The couple had a few words for everybody, and a good sense of humour (Frank described his as arid), and made us feel right at home.

Our route today took us back 180 miles along the Alaskan Highway, before turning right onto the Cassiar Highway which is going to carry us back down through Canada. This was a much smaller, and more interesting road right from the start to our stop tonight at Dease Lake.

Before we turned onto Cassiar, we stopped for a rest at the service station, and ran into another two guys on a motorbike (a brand new Africa Twin), who were filming.  They turned out to be Jamie Robinson, a motorcycle racer we used to follow in his career, and his camera man.  Jamie was making a video for his adventure travel website: www.motogeo.com and was very happy to meet us, film us briefly (uh oh), and share a photo of us onto his Instagram account, he has 49,000 followers!   It was a real pleasure to meet him, and he’s invited us to drop in for a proper cup of tea (he’s from Huddersfield), if we’re down San Pedro way in Los Angeles. How lovely.

The other big event of the day is we have reached 10,000 road miles on this trip. We have been left home for 9 weeks today, so think that is some pretty good going. Mind you, the bike looks like it’s done every one of those miles now……..