28. Aug, 2016

26.08.16-27.08.16, Telkwa, British Columbia, to Prince George, to Clinton, British Columbia. Canada.

Yesterday, after a wonderful breakfast at the Bakery and Café that were below our lodgings we moved on again.  This was after Paul rigged up the whole battery thing, and there was still some trepidation before we set off about whether the charge in the battery would get us the entire 220 miles.  It did, thank goodness.

We rode just over 100 miles before stopping, so that the bike didn’t have to be re-started too often and take all the charge. Then the next 110 miles before stopping for fuel and a supermarket shop.

We had chosen an AirBnB property to stay in last night on the outskirts of Prince George, just so we would be out of the busy city centre. The property was about 10 miles out of the centre, absolutely ideal. We had the entire basement area to ourselves. This was the third AirBnB property used, and they’ve all been a home from home, such a good idea.

When we arrived at the property, we were greeted by the ‘guard dog’, who we had been warned about (or the fact that he was a big softie anyway!), he was very interested in our shopping, and licking the wheels, and when Paul was removing the battery for bringing indoors, he looked round to see the dog was enjoying a nice dinner of an entire dead mouse! Mm, nice.

Anyway, once indoors, and fully unloaded, we put the battery onto charge, and in less than 30 minutes the green light popped on and it was fully charged! It became obvious that we’d probably only used a tiny amount of the full battery charge.

With that in mind, we were optimistic that today’s mileage would be ok at 265 miles. So when we went upstairs from the basement this morning, we were taken aback to see our ‘this’ll be a breeze’ plans scuppered by a lot of rain falling straight down from the sky.

So after packing in the rain, we rode for about 4 hours in the rain, before an hours respite, then the last 30 minutes in rain, until we got off to check in at the motel in Clinton, when it decided to rain even harder!

Never mind, I’m sure everything will be dry by the morning, and we just rounded off the day with a good home cooked meal at the Cordial Diner to warm us up again.