30. Aug, 2016

28.08.16-29.08.16. Clinton, British Columbia to Mabel Lake, British Columbia

Well, the rain had stopped when we started out yesterday morning from Clinton, so that was excellent.  We knew we were in for a scenic and easy ride today as we were off to meet George and Shirley, the lovely couple we met three weeks ago at Fort Nelson on the Alaska Highway, who had so kindly invited us to their lakeside cabin at Mabel Lake.  We figured that this was only a 150-mile ride, so it should be easy, right?

Perhaps not so easy, when an hour and a half into the journey we had just passed a Gas Station on a corner and were going uphill at 60 mph when the bike began weaving about, from where I sat it seemed quite wildly, but Paul assured me it was all under control! We had a puncture…….

Luckily, it was at the beginning of a two lane stretch on our side of the road, so we leapt off and out, and could push the bike back 200 yards back to the station again, without being in too much danger from the passing cars.

So we had a safe place to work, and Paul methodically started working through the steps to remove the wheel, take the tyre off, put the new tube in, get the tyre back on, and then put the wheel back into place.  Anyone that knows Paul will know that mechanics is not his forte, but he been for some practice with Paul Wellard before we left, and it certainly paid off, because all went as smoothly as possible. We had all the tools Paul needed, with the only problem being that the mini air compressor we had required power from the battery of the bike. As we are still running on our back up car battery, we were unsure how much we should use the small compressor and the Gas Station had no air pump. So we had asked George if he had an air compressor, and he kindly told us yes, and he would ride the 2 hours over from Mabel Lake and bring it with him.

George arrived and saved the day, before turning around and riding all the way back to where he started, this time with us in tow.

Shirley was waiting for us, with Gin and Tonics and Beer in hand, plus a lovely dinner of chicken and rice, all cooked outside for us. We ended the evening by sitting around the fire, and swapping tales of the road.

Today, we have enjoyed a much needed day off with George and Shirley, the peacefulness here and the beauty of the lake, that Paul was lucky enough to go out on in George’s boat, is a wonderful respite from the road. I am sitting here relaxing as I write, surrounded by trees, with a squirrel peeking over the log pile, looking forward to another evening of tall tales and a mesmerising fire.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality George and Shirley.