31. Aug, 2016

30.08.16, Mabel Lake, British Columbia to Pemberton, British Columbia.

Last night was a real treat for us.  Over the course of the day’s chatting it came out that we had never enjoyed a ‘Weiner Roast’ around a campfire. So, Shirley and George thought it would be a great idea to let us experience this. So the fire was set in the fire pit, and there we were toasting the Weiners (Hot Dog sausages) on forks straight into the heat. This was followed by roasting marshmallows over the fire, something else I had never done.

What a wonderful evening that turned into, for me, the joy of those marshmallows melting onto your tongue, combined with the taste of smokiness was just heaven! For Paul, I think the Weiners probably topped the marshmallows, when loaded into a bun with ketchup, mustard and Sandra’s special relish. Although, the bananas cooked on the stove, with melted marshmallows and chocolate was pretty darned good too.

This was followed up by stepping onto the air strip behind George and Shirley’s lot to enjoy staring up at the stars in the complete darkness of the sky, and stillness of the night.  The milky way was shining bright, and the sky was sparkling. A magical evening.

This morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and goodbyes with our newly found friends, and we left with promises to keep in touch, and left at about 11.

The first part of our journey was in reverse of the journey to Mabel Lake, so we were able to wave at the Gas Station we spent so much time at during ‘tyre-gate’ on Sunday.

However, this time at Cache Creek, we took the turn for Lillooet, which turned into some really good riding. The temperature has remained higher after the last couple of days, so it was very pleasant indeed. At the fuel stop at Lillooet, we met Richard Duvall, a guy riding from his hometown of Prince George to Vancouver Island to visit a friend.

It turned out that Richard was staying at the same motel as us, in Mount Currie, Pemberton, which is called The Hitching Post.  We decided to ride the last part of the journey together, and Richard told us just how lovely this ride was going to be.  He was certainly not wrong, it was stunning, with huge craggy rocks rising up around us, and some narrower twisty roads, which Paul had the sidecar skipping over, what a great ride!

Our day has ended as well as it began with Richard being very generous and treating us to dinner in the local Thai restaurant, where we spent a lovely evening swapping stories of the road. Richard has travelled a lot in the U.S., so was able to give us some really good ideas for visiting California and Utah, in particular, and he has promised to send us other suggestions along our way.