2. Jul, 2016

01.07.16 Time for moving on, Gladwyne Pennsylvania to Williamsport, Pennsylvania

After a brilliant few days staying with Marc and Ang in Gladwyne, today was the day for us to move on, and start heading West.

It really has been an enjoyable week, catching up with family and friends, who were all able to give us some really helpful insights into living in America.  Things such as being allowed to make a right turn at the traffic lights when they are red! Or crossing on the crosswalk (zebra crossing) when the hand says not to go (as long as there's nothing coming of course!), and the drivers having to yield (give way) to pedestrians on their turns.  There is a also a rule at a four way crossroads.Each approach has a Stop Line. At home there would most definitely be a mini-roundabout in place, but here the drivers are all supposed to wait, and then make their moves in an anti-clockwise manner.  All very different, and strange to get used to, so very helpful to be given insider knowledge. So many stop lines, so many traffic lights!

We'd also been struggling a bit to find gluten free foods in the roadside diners where we had previously travelled, and now feel a bit better equipped with knowledge about where to go, what supermarkets are good, that type of thing.  It seems gluten free is still quite an unusual thing here, so I'd had a lot of buffalo chicken wings and salads, until we were fed so well this week.

Moving through today, we still saw glimpses of the Amish community, so at odds with the City life we had recently seen. There is such a diversity of people that we've already seen, but they seem so far to all have one thing in common, they all want to talk to you, and share their part of the Americn Dream.