3. Jul, 2016

02.07.16. Williamsport, Pennsylvania to Barkeyville, Pennsylvania

We were up early to go via the Mini Grand Canyon at Wellsboro as recommended by Iain (thank you Iain), on our way to Barkeyville tonight.  It was well worth a trip, very green and very beautiful, within a state park.  There was already a lot of visitors, especially with this being 4th of July weekend.  There's definitely a general undercurrent of excitement with everyone.
We eventually got away about 11, after being stopped by other bikers, and other people interested in what we are doing.  We were asked for a photo, to show the local Goldwing club, "who won't believe what you're up to!".  Every day we are chatted to, yesterday Paul met Matt who had gone with two friends on a trip from Philadelphia, hoping to reach Patagonia (like us), he didn't quite make it, for personal reasons, but was excited and happy to share lots of information with Paul.
Chicken wings for lunch again, followed by lovely ice cream, must be careful what we eat here. Everything is full of the dreaded Corn syrup, which is incredibly bad for you.
It took a long time today, 10 hours, with quite a few stops, so we're glad to be in the budget Motel 6 at Barkeyville for a rest.  Oddly, they still have smoking rooms in the motels!