4. Jul, 2016

03.07.16 Barkeyville Pennsylvania to North Bend State Park, West Virginia

This is our fourteenth day today, and we are now beginning to start our journey West.  We saw a sign on a brief pop over into Ohio today that said Gateway to the West.

The day was overcast, and the roads fairly quiet today, so we had a clear run. We are using the Interstates as little as possible, opting instead for the more picturesque state roads.

One thing to remark on is that, this far we have been totally astounded by is the lack of security that appears to be required in all of the States we have visited, which is now New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio. When bikes pull up to a bar, restaurant, in the street, they leave all their helmets, jackets and bags on the bike and walk off. The same with cars, they will leave the engines idling at the Gas Station whilst they pop in.  We have also seen boats, rvs, bikes, motorcycles all proudly displayed on people’s front lawns in a way that just doesn’t happen at home.  We really weren’t expecting that, it’s amazing, and makes us feel pretty comfortable (whilst still taking our normal safety precautions).

Our stop tonight and tomorrow is in another State Park in West Virginia, in a lodge.  These parks here are truly huge, and have plenty of room for activities, camping and lodges.  I’ve already seen a beautiful bird just outside the window already.  Very peaceful.