7. Jul, 2016

05.07.16 North Bend State Park, West Virginia to Franklin Furnace, Ohio

After yesterday’s torrential rain we were more than happy when we got up to sun, despite the humidity, which caused it to be very sticky.

Before going to bed last night we had both received an alert on our phones that there was flash flooding in the area, so weren’t quite sure what we would get up to this morning! We were staying within a forest, adopted as a State Park, and there are several villages within the boundaries of the park.

This is West Virginia, where they say “How y’all doing”?, and have a wonderful way about them, a kind of casual efficiency which is very charming.  The waitress this morning couldn’t wait to tell us there was a tree down on at least two of the roads on the way into the park, although they had cut it up and removed it by the time we left.

We set off in search of covered bridges today, as Ohio is famous for them (amongst other States), and we found the first at Shades Corner, sadly full of graffiti, and the second at Scottstown, unable to drive through but beautifully preserved.  This one was built in 1874.

The countryside we went through was truly luscious and green again today, farmland, and lots of tiny houses or trailers where people are living.

We are still following the route of the Ohio river, it’s source begins in Ohio and ends 900 miles later at the Mississippi river.  It is a beautiful wide expanse of water, some places used only for pleasure, sometimes as a resource for the many factories that have been built in towns along the way. 

Our stop tonight is at Franklin Furnace, and just as we rode into town there was a railroad train passing through with 5 engines, and at least sixty wagons.  Obviously an essential way of moving goods and food items around these vast lands.