7. Jul, 2016

06.07.16 Franklin Furnace, Ohio to Salem, Indiana via Kentucky

We were up at 6.30 to a very foggy morning, we could barely see past the bike.  Last night we had bought some bits and pieces in the local deli, so after breakfast in the room and packing, the fog had lifted a fair bit for us to make our getaway by 8am.


We’re trying to ride a bit earlier in the day as it’s very hot here by mid-afternoon now, late twenties, or even thirty degrees.

We had planned to still follow the Ohio river Scenic Byway again, just taking a detour off from it to search out another covered bridge.  This time in Germantown, Kentucky.  It was built in 1864, so pretty early on, and was in quite bad disrepair, so we could not ride through it, which was a shame.  Lovely roads around it though.


The route took us through some pretty run down areas, in particular Manchester in Ohio, where despite seeming to be a lot of industry by the river nearby, there was just a real air of deprivation.  This continued on and off for a lot of the day.  The people were still friendly and chatty, but had a general air of being worn down, and just uncared for.  Very sad to see such a contrast, from the previous states we have visited.

We have stopped in Salem, tonight, which is busy and  pleasant.