8. Jul, 2016

07.07.16 Salem, Indiana to Mattoon, Illinois

Another grey but warmish start to the day.  Moving on and heading to the Mid West today.

We stopped off at Williams Bridge, which was built in 1884, and was the longest covered bridge in Indiana.  Apparently it can hold 400 people, it was long and thin, and covered the East Fork of White river at Huron & Williams.  Very interesting, there we met a couple called Bill and Nancy who were 70 and 67 respectively and enjoyed taking road trips.  They were from Michigan.


As the day went on, the landscape flattened out considerably, and once we had entered Illinois, we could understand why these are the Great Plains of America.  Fields and fields of Soya plants, and Corn and high winds across the flat lands.

At a later stop we met Daryl, a guy who was picking up supplies for a client lunch meeting, who stopped and made time to chat with us, as he was a fellow BMW rider. Daryl was very interested in our trip, and said he was envious, and we had made his day!  He was also kind enough to extend an offer of accommodation, if we get back this way again.