11. Jul, 2016

10.07.16 Vinton, Iowa to Atlantic, Iowa

Our first stop this morning was just up the road for petrol and some breakfast.  Whilst there, a guy told Paul that he had been camping overnight and had now taken down his camp, because of the big storm in its way.  He said, ‘no way I’d be wanting to ride a motorcycle in this weather’, and another lady showed Paul the weather front coming on a weather warning website.

Paul quickly established what the storm would be about, which was rain, and high winds, but not a tornado or hurricane.  Two weeks ago, just after we first arrived there were some really bad tornados across the areas we are now in, so we were instantly on alert. Not actually having witnessed one before we were unsure if the impact gets exaggerated or if the danger is very real.

Anyway, we decided that we would try setting off as there was no rain, and we could just see the clouds clustering over to the West.  We rode for about 20 minutes, just about to the edge of the thick grey funnel of cloud, and it really hoofed it down, with lightening as well.  Paul had spotted a Gas station off to the left, so we took shelter there, and were pretty glad we did, because the rain was torrential with those promised high winds for 45 minutes or so, before easing off again.  The woman in the shop told us we were brave!  Paul said he thought perhaps we were more foolish than anything. There were a constant stream of people coming in exclaiming at us being there. Eventually, we decided it had stopped enough to set off, I scrambled into the sidecar, tucking myself under the cover, and getting my head low behind the screen, and off we set, we rode in a good hour of lashing rain, but visibility was not too bad, and Paul took it easy, until finally we turned a corner and there was the line of clear sky at the bottom of all that grey.  We rode closer and closer to it, until, yes! We were back into full sunshine. 

We end the day in an apartment that we have rented in Atlantic, it’s for two nights and is beautiful.  We walked down to ‘Oinkers’ for some pork loin, (Paul was craving pig!), quite pleasant despite the 32 degrees centigrade 2 mile round trip.