15. Jul, 2016

14.07.16 Mullen, Nebraska to Hot Springs, South Dakota

After a great breakfast of eggs over easy, bacon and hash browns at Big Reds Café opposite the motel, off we rolled again. 

This morning there really were golf courses at the side of the road. Plus, of course, long, long rail road trains, endlessly.  Where we stayed last night was right by the rail road tracks, and they come continuously.

Later in the morning we stopped for a drink, and met Catherine and Peter who were from South Eastern Nebraska, and who had come to the West for a few days riding on their Harley.  Peter told us that actually in Mullen, there was one of the top 10 golf courses in the world, and they were off to visit there on their way home.

Catherine was full of information about lots of the areas we intend to visit, and was happy to share with me, whilst Paul chatted with Peter. She told me that all the trains belong to one company, Northern Pacific and are taking coal out of Wyoming, across to whoever needs it across the USA, or maybe even shipping it further afield by boat. It was lovely to meet them.

Our second stop was one that was brought to Paul’s attention yesterday, ‘Carhenge’, a replica of Stonehenge, made from upstanding cars.  It was a lot of fun, and the lady in the booth asked me which I preferred, of course I said Carhenge! Paul told me at least we know who built this one.  I also heard the lady discussing that there is going to be a huge gathering soon for an eclipse of the sun, and that people come and visit for the Solstices. She also told me that she’d like to visit where they film Doc Martin!

The further West we got today, the more evidence of tourists, Motorhomes, dragging Jeeps behind them, Dormobiles, cars full of families.

A change in landscape again, as we headed for the Black Hills of South Dakota, and arrived at home for the next three days in Hot Springs, South Dakota.