16. Jul, 2016

15.07.16 Visiting Mount Rushmore and surrounds

Up early today, 5.45 - excited and raring to go.

We visited Mount Rushmore national Park (the presidents heads), Crazy Horse Memorial, Iron Mountain Road, Custer State Park, and rode the wildlife loop.

On the wildlife loop, we saw the cutest prairie dogs (gophers!), pronghorns, burros (donkeys), and buffalos.  It was like riding in a safari park, totally amazing.

The Presidents heads were everything we hoped they would be, and as we rode along the Iron Mountain road, we rode through a tunnel and out the other side and they were right up there, framed by the exit of the tunnel. This was despite being a mile or two still from the mountain. As a monument to the presidents, I don't think they could ever top this- and we also learnt about how they had sculpted these unbelieveably large objects into the rock, hanging on the tiniest of seats, suspended by winches.

Crazy Horse memorial was highlighted in sun, as we rode along the road.  Again, completely amazing- it takes your breath away.

The roads were beautiful, and there were stacks of motorcycles, 3 wheelers, what seemed like a Corvette club out on the road, amongst the normal R.V's the size of coaches, and family cars.

When we got back to the motel about 4.30, it was hard to take in everything we saw today, and we probably only managed 1/3rd of what was available to us.