19. Jul, 2016

17-18.07.16 Hot Springs, South Dakota to Sundance, Wyoming

For our ride Sunday, we wanted to move on by visiting Sturgis, Deadwood and Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota, all within the Black Hills Pioneering regions.

Being a Sunday, the roads were super busy again, but we managed to find a few less busy routes to take us on cut throughs.

Sturgis is a small town to the North east of the Black Hills, that has a population of approximately 8,000 during most of the year, however, this swells to 500,000 during the first couple of weeks in August when it is the Sturgis motorcycle rally.  This is a famous rally where the town is taken completely over, just for the fun and entertainment of motorcyclists for a week or two.  Apparently, most of the businesses there make enough money during that time to be closed for the rest of the year.  The town, in itself is somewhat unremarkable, but I’m sure that will soon change.

Of more interest to look at was the town of Deadwood, which is now a gambling town, and is decorated mainly in the traditional way of the Wild West.

Spearfish Canyon was very pretty, and a great end to the day for riding through before heading to Sundance, Wyoming.

Sundance is very small, population of 1,100, but is most famous for having ‘The Sundance Kid in jail in the town, and we visited the museum to learn a bit more about that and about the local history. Once again, we are following the route of the Pioneers, and Gold-Panners.