20. Jul, 2016

19.07.16 Sundance, Wyoming to Greybull, Wyoming

We had decided yesterday to visit the Devil’s Tower which was 32 miles from Sundance, so I, being helpful entered the details into the Sat Nav, as a via point, on our way to the destination tonight.


Once we had been about 40 miles, I asked Paul to stop because I could still not see any sight of the tower, and when I checked on Google Maps, I could see it was still another hour and twenty minutes away!  Somehow the co-ordinates in the Tom Tom were wrong.  Not all my fault, as I had chosen a pre-input tourist attraction, but whatever, it was wrong, and we now had the choice of missing it altogether, or going back the way we came.  We chose that, and ended up doing 110 miles, and 2 ½ hours riding, for a 32 mile ride that would probably have taken half an hour, whoops.  We chose to laugh about it, and move on.

Anyway, our route after that took us toward the Big Horn National Forest, which was truly beautiful, with sweeping canyons, and very interesting rock formations again.  We did ride the Interstate first, to make up some time, and boy oh boy was it hot!  We saw 38 degrees Celsius register on the bikes temperature guage.  It was truly like sitting in a sauna, with a hot hairdryer blowing in your face. We were so glad to reach those mountains, just for some respite from the heat, up there it seemed positively chilly at 25 degrees!

A really nice point of the day, was when in Moorcroft we met Rui, a young guy from Boston, who was riding his Honda 250 Rebel over the states, in a similar route to ours, before heading over to the West Coast. We had the pleasure of seeing him a couple of other times later in the day as well. We wish him a lot of luck on his trip.