22. Jul, 2016

20.07.16 Greybull Wyoming, to Park Island, Idaho via Yellowstone National Park

Amazingly, we visited three states again today, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  Our aim was to ride the scenic byways into Yellowstone Park.

Yellowstone is truly massive, and enters all three of these states. It has 5 or 6 entrances, and we came in on the North East Entrance this morning.

Our journey from Greybull took us about 100 miles along first of all route 20, then into Chief Joseph highway, where the scenery began to become extremely majestic. These were by far the largest mountains we have seen on our travels so far, and they really did go on, and on and on, for the 50 odd miles we rode this road, until it reached Beartooth Highway, to take us into the park at that North East Corner.

Yellowstone has two driving loops at the centre of it, one North and one South 80 miles and 96 miles respectively.  Along these you can view all types of animal: bison, elk, moose, pelican, coyotes, deer, osprey, marmots, and if you’re really lucky bears! (no, not yet!).

There is also very close access to waterfalls, geysers, and thermal springs.

We did the North loop today, and return for the South loop tomorrow.

The place we are staying tonight is at Park island, a beautiful cabin on a ranch, and as we arrived the horse riders of the day were just returning to the ranch. It’s 30 miles from Yellowstone, unfortunately we did not forsee the roadworks on the only road to it, with predictions of an hours delay waiting for the pilot car, nor the tremendously long gravel road for the last 4 miles!