22. Jul, 2016

21.07.16 Yellowstone Park

We were up at 5.30 am, as the lady at the Ranch told Paul yesterday that there was a better chance of getting through the 17 mile roadworks more quickly, if we went about 7.  We had also decided we wanted to enter the park early as there was a chance to see more wildlife earlier in the day.

Anyway, we were ready to leave at 6.45 am, and I went outside to take the cover off of the sidecar, and immediately thought, ‘woah, it’s cold out here!, I’ll be wearing my cardigan today under my jacket.’  Paul came out, and said something similar, anyway we mounted our steed, and set off for the gravel road fun, as we turned the corner Paul shouted ‘what do you think the temperature is?’ to which I jokingly replied ‘2?’, ‘no,’ says Paul, ‘it’s 3 ½ degrees!’.  We couldn’t believe it, the day before yesterday it had been 38 degrees in the day, and now here we were perishing!

The roadworks only held us immobile for 11 minutes, so we did manage to arrive at the West Yellowstone entrance for 8am, with our teeth chattering.  Still, it soon warmed up, and we were so glad we’d made the effort, the steam clouds rising from the ground were a real spectacle. The roads were very quiet, and we had decided to do the South Loop in a clockwise manner, as there were roadworks with a predicted 30 minute delay the other way.

We made our way around, and particularly enjoyed seeing the Mudpots spurting mud, Geysers, Canyons and Lakes in these areas.  The diversity of the nature over these areas is astounding. It probably is the most spectacularly continuous landscape I have ever seen.

Despite the fact that it is July, the highest month for visitors to Yellowstone, the road system that is laid out within the park accommodates the many vehicles well, with only the very occasional bottleneck, and even then only because people have stopped to watch wildlife.

A truly awesome couple of days.