23. Jul, 2016

22.07.16 Island Park, Idaho to Basin, Montana

A later leaving time this morning, which meant time to enjoy our little cabin in the woods a little longer.

We had made use of the hot tub last night, but luckily the moose (HUGE!!) that walked past decided to after we had gone in, I rushed out for a photo, after thinking Paul was joking about the moose, and got a picture of its hind legs disappearing behind the trees.  Actually, when we had booked in on Wednesday, we had been warned that we could not leave any food outside or in the bike, as the bears would most definitely smell it, and come down to investigate. In the area there are bear proof bins, or dumpsters, because of the danger of them coming to scavenge.

Anyway, time to leave, and as we made our checks, Paul commented that after 4 ½ weeks we are now over 5,000 miles into this trip.

We rode back along the US 20 highway, and hurrah! Those pesky roadworks had gone, but hold on, what’s this? A new set, much further along where we had to wait for the pilot car to come and take us along, maybe only 10 minutes this time. Anyway, back to West Yellowstone before heading upwards, and we weren’t either of us sorry to see the back of that busy little town, a town which solely serves the needs of people visiting the park, and is always extremely busy.

However, before long we were heading back into the North of Yellowstone Park, as the road we were taking runs through it, in the National Forest of Gallatin.  Alongside the road for mile after beautiful mile runs the River Gallatin, a river made famous by the film ‘A river runs through it’, and the river really was peppered by people fly fishing, thigh high in their waders with their fishing lines whipping to and fro.  We thought we’d found paradise.  Only in Norway have we witnessed such roadside scenery for mile after mile.

We are staying for the next few nights in an apartment, ‘Potters Canyon Retreat’ and it really is a retreat, just perfect for us.

Paul is now sitting thinking about the next few days, in particular that the bike now needs a service, and he is using the map, that was given to us by a lovely guy we met in West Yellowstone, Joseph Simmons.  Joseph had been doing his own trip, and was very excited to hear about ours, so wanted to share the map he had used to explore Montana, which is excellent.

Prior to visiting the more tourist heavy areas, we have been making our motel or cabin bookings one day ahead or on the day, and we’d like to get back to doing this, when we can, it takes the pressure out of having to reach somewhere by a deadline.