27. Jul, 2016

26.07.16. Seeley Lake, Montana to Missoula, Montana.

A later start and not far to ride today, as we’ve booked in to have the bike serviced at Big Sky Motorsports, in Missoula, Montana.  This is a city with a University and has about 50,000 population.  That’s huge for around here.

Another beautiful ride, twisting along through spectacular scenery, before arriving in keenness at about 12.30pm for our 2pm appointment.

No matter, the guys working there (and there were so many!), were friendly and offered us a place to stash our bike gear, whilst we set off in search of a few essentials.

Before we left there was time to look for chain lube, and another Rotopax fuel canister, which we are able to lock onto the side of the bike.  Prior to having the sidecar put onto Paul’s bike, he would have achieved approximately 225 miles to a tank of fuel, but with the added weight, this has decreased to 160 miles to a tank.  We had already added one extra fuel canister, which added an extra 80 miles before refuelling, so another one will now give us an extra 160 miles.  This will be a real help to us when we reach Alaska, as the distances between fuel stops will be greater.

There was also time for a good chat with a couple of members of staff (Brexit and Trump being the main topics), and for Paul to find someone to share the story of our adventure with, Brad, who was dropping off a friend, but was pleased to chat with Paul.

Once we set off from the shop, our main objective was to find a haircut, each! Not 100 paces from the shop was a hairdresser, but it was closed for lunch.  Never mind, another 100 paces away there was another one, Becky’s Superior Cuts, I walked in whilst Paul searched out drinks, and she said take a seat, I’ll be with you in 5.  By the time Paul returned with the drinks, Becky had finished my hair and it was Paul’s turn under the scissors.  For those of you that remember the horror of the Austrian ‘buzz cut’ by the alcoholic Austrian lady, you’ll be pleased to know this was a little more civilized, only revealing to us a nice white line around Paul’s hairline where his hair had previously been.

Tonight we are in Brook Street Motor Inn, as recommended by Big Sky, and with a discount, can’t be wrong! We’ve eaten our dinner in Denny’s American Diner, and will collect old bikey again in the morning.