28. Jul, 2016

27.07.16 Missoula, Montana to Columbia Falls, Montana

Paul went off this morning to collect the bike from Big Sky motorsports, and after a final packing we were on our way. 

Our route today is taking us towards the Glacier Park in Northern Montana.  The closer we have come to this park; the more people tell us how wonderful it is.  We were stopped and chatted to by a good 5 different people today, and they all want to discuss the Glacier Park, Bears and the AlCan highway (Alaska/Canada highway). People here really do love to share both their experiences and their absolute devotion to the State of Montana.  We cannot blame them; it has not disappointed yet.  One man shared the information with us today that Montana is the same size as Germany, and that there are 85,000,000 people in Germany, and only 1,000,000 in Montana, no wonder it’s blissful.

Today we rode through some much drier landscape, up high and covered with gorse and wildflowers, before dropping down from above, to ride alongside the Flathead River.  Again, there are many Native American Indian Reservations in this area.

As we dropped into the town of Lakeside, I imagined myself momentarily to be at Lake Como in Italy.  Here though, there are a lot of German style buildings.

At brunch this morning, we chose a wonderful little roadside diner, full of the obligatory locals with their Stetsons and Cowboy Boots, passing the time of day.  Breakfast was as good as anywhere we’ve been, but the crowning glory for Paul was his Huckleberry Milkshake, which you could stand your spoon up in.  Huckleberries taste really good, and are indigenous to Montana.

Tonight we are at Columbia Falls, and as we popped along to the supermarket, I spotted the tops of some old cars in a recreation area at the side of the Highway. When we stopped on our return, it turned out to be some kind of show, and we had a lot of fun looking round all these old cars.

Off to visit the Glacier Park tomorrow, and looking forward to that very much