30. Jul, 2016

29.07.16, Columbia Falls, Montana to Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada.

We have made so many new friends already on this trip, the people that we have met along the way have helped to shape our experiences, both by what they say and the places they suggest to visit.

The last couple of nights we spent in a B&B, very near to the West Glacier Park entrance.  This is the first B&B we have used, and it was a truly pleasant experience.  Not least because we spent time sitting with other people for breakfast, and in the ‘Den’ of the B&B, slurping on our two glasses of free beer/wine each night!

We have now been invited to visit or stay with people we have met more times than we can remember, and our stash of cards from people is growing.  There are many different types of people that we form a quick bond with, young, old, on their own, in couples- this is still by far the friendliest place we have ever been.

We visited the Glacier Park again today, this time riding the Going To The Sun road from West to East, still just as spectacular, but noticing waterfalls, and plants we hadn’t spotted yesterday.

Once out the other side, and at a drink stop at St Mary’s we met a couple of young Argentinians, Belen and Tito, who have both made separate trips from Argentina to Alaska on small motorbikes, 100cc and 125cc respectively.  Belen, the girl has actually ridden over 36,000 miles on her little bike in 4 years. Tito had ridden 52,000 miles on his. Absolutely awe-inspiring people, full of enthusiasm and life. What a pleasure.

After this, and chatting to some more people there, Mona, Tim, Steve and Laury, we headed off for the Canadian Border.  The other guys were on holiday on their Harley’s, and had wanted to cross over the border and back again, but suddenly realised they needed helmets for Canada, and they didn’t have one between them.  Still, they rode up there, and we met them again, as we waited in the queue.

The crossing into Canada was painless, a show of our passports (new stamps, hurray), a question over the registration number plate, any food, any guns, and how long we were staying and we were in.  Not like one of the guys ahead of us, he was travelling alone in a camper van, from Colorado, and had brought in firewood, not the done thing, so the officers were searching his entire vehicle.

A stop tonight in Pincher Creek, perhaps not the most salubrious of towns or establishments we have chosen, but things can only get better tomorrow.