31. Jul, 2016

30.07.16. Pincher Creek, Canada to Fernie, Canada

Not far to go today, however we decided to visit Waterton Park in Canada, which is actually attached to the Glacier Park in Montana, USA but just over the border. Very pretty it was too, alothough not as spectacular as Glacier Park.

Last night we had visited the ATM in town and taken out some Canadian Dollars for our stay, we’re guessing probably a month or so, broken up by our visit to Alaska.  There’s a whole new cash system for us to learn, including something called ‘loonies and toonies’! There’s also a return to buying fuel in litres like at home, and a switch over to kilometres from miles.

There are lots of other subtle differences here that we’ve spotted during our first day. The Canadians seem a little more reserved than Americans, much more like people at home, but very nice and friendly once we get chatting. Most products and signs are written in both English and French, people seem to drive faster, and there seems more of a mix of people here.

A day off for us tomorrow, so we’ll have a look around Fernie, and a rest.