4. Sep, 2016

01.09.16-04.09.16 Vancouver Island, British Columbia

After the great welcome on Wednesday, and more Hot Dogs (!), we have made ourselves at home here.  We are renting a fifth wheel trailer to stay in for a few nights, near Mill Bay on the East side of the Island.

Mill Bay overlooks the ocean, and although it was difficult to see because of the first two days rain, we have now been able to view the sparkling blue ocean which overlooks the Saanic Peninsula. Here they have regular visits from seals, porpoise, dolphins and whales, and we had the pleasure of seeing a few at dusk one evening.

Vancouver Island is approximately 300 miles in length, and on the West of the Island there is not much habitation by humans, it is made up from lots of inlets, and many protected areas in the form of parks.  There are only a few roads that cross from East to West across the Island, and we took one of these to Port Renfrew the other day.  In the 80 miles from one side to the other we continually encountered rain, followed by sun, followed by rain, until at Port Renfrew where the sun blazed as we stood on Botany Bay looking across to Washington, in the U.S.A.

At the BMW shop, Bernie has been working hard to fix our bike for us, and he tells us it comes apart and goes together again nicely, although there were quite a few things in need of attention!

In fact the drive chain was very much on its last legs with the little o’ rings that keep the grease inside the links of chain having scattered everywhere, the broken generator needed replacing and new flywheel, that we knew about, we also need a new clutch (because it won’t last the whole journey),the new back tyre required fitting and a major engine service had to be carried out. It’s going to be like a new bike by the time we leave on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Bill at Island BMW asked us to return to the shop, as there was to be another ‘Meet and Greet’ for their customers. We had another chance to chat about our trip, hand out a few more cards for our website and pick some brains about our onward journey.

Today we are having a look through to see where we might head to on our journey South in the U.S.A for the next few weeks, before reaching Mexico.  We have a rough plan, with the idea that we can always return for anything we don’t manage to do this time.  The focus is beginning to shift to Central America now.

We’ve been lucky enough to spend quite a lot of time with Bernie and Kim, who have been very hospitable, and who are helping to make the visit to this beautiful Island special.