10. Sep, 2016

09.09.16 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada to Ocean Shores, Washington, USA

The part we were waiting for arrived at BMW yesterday, so Bernie was able to finish up our bike, check it all out and test ride it (which I think was a bit exciting for him on the corners, it’s a devil if you’re not used to it with the sidecar!).

We decided to stay another night, so that we could catch the early ferry to Port Angeles, in Washington, USA in the morning, and have a reasonable time during the day to ride on.

This meant we were lucky enough to have another day in Victoria and so we enjoyed another ride in a water taxi, and visited the museum and the Imax Cinema.  The Imax was amazing, a huge, screen (six storeys high). We watched a film in 3d about the National Parks of the USA, some of which we had visited.  It was stunning, and at times we felt like we were floating down the river on the screen, or standing on the top of a mountain (that turned my stomach!).

After a final meal with Bernie last night, we arrived at the BMW shop early at 8 to collect the bike, pay the bill (phew!), and set off for the ferry terminal back in downtown Victoria just 10 minutes away.

We had to be checked in by U.S Immigration (Homeland Security again), before boarding the boat, and whilst in the queue Paul got chatting to Al a Harley Davidson rider, who shared the hour and  a half journey across to Port Angeles with us, keeping us entertained with stories from his interesting life.  He’d lived in several places throughout Canada, before settling in his favourite, Vancouver Island some 7 years ago.

Before long we were docked and riding out on Highway 101 in the U.S, the Pacific Highway, which at first ran through forest in Olympic National Park, before weaving alongside the coast, and soon that lovely smell was filling our nostrils again, and we stopped and gazed across the ocean, wondering what was directly in line with us to the East. Russia or China most likely.

This has another feel altogether again from both Canada, and the USA that we have already visited so we’re looking forward to seeing what these upcoming States have to show us.

We stopped tonight at Ocean Shores, by the ocean, and enjoyed Fish Tacos in Bennet’s Fish Shack.