11. Sep, 2016

10.09.16 Ocean Shores, Washington to Clatskanie, Oregon. U.S.A

We made a later start this morning.  It was my Mum’s 70th birthday on Tuesday, and I wanted to call her today in particular, because she was having a birthday party. As we are eight hours behind the UK, I had to get the timing right to call Mum at 6pm, and I was really pleased I did, to wish her a great party.

We had decided to have a shorter ride today, and meandered along through the beautiful countryside of Washington. Sometimes the road took us by the ocean, sometimes by beautiful rivers, accompanied by plenty of forest.

The way we rode took us through a large part of the Lewis and Clark heritage trail. These two were explorers in the early 1800’s and their expedition started from St Louis in the Mid West, passing through the Continental Divide over to the Pacific West. Their job was to create maps of the area and find a practical route across the terrain.  It was also to stake claim to the land to keep out the Europeans and British.

The route we chose into Oregon took us to a small toll ferry which crossed a few miles from Washington into Oregon. Sadly, and Paul will say it was my fault because I needed the loo, we arrived just 5 minutes after the ferry had left, and had to wait 55 minutes for it to return and set off again!  This was actually quite nice, as it was truly beautiful at the little ferry station, and it gave us today’s opportunity for chatting with people.

I must say how nice it is to be back moving on, and having the opportunity for meeting new people again, although they seem a little different here so far.  There were some very friendly fellow motorcyclists on the boat, but the car drivers say hello, have a good look around but seem a little more shy about asking questions straight away. 

One lady motorcyclist who was riding on the back of her boyfriend’s bike was thoroughly unimpressed with the idea of sitting in the ‘cart’, and thought the idea of visiting Central and South America was akin to heading straight to hell. It’s a good job there are plenty of others telling us how wonderful it will be, and how everyone is friendly there.

What a variety of people with differing views make up this wonderful place called the United States.

We look forward to chatting with many more of them.