12. Sep, 2016

11.09.16 Clatskanie, Oregon to Yachats, Oregon


We were off this morning, and back onto the Pacific highway 101.  Being Sunday, and with good weather for early ‘Fall’ apparently, the roads were very busy, with all types of travellers, motorcyclists, cars, classic cars, off road vehicles, and pick up vehicles were loaded up in their backs with all types of dog, fishing gear, monkey bikes, people, etc etc.


The weather was sunny and a constant 16 degrees, with a chilly wind from the Pacific Ocean.  Once again, the views were endless and sometimes ethereal because of the sea mists.


The evergreen forests full of fir trees and conifers that line the roads are very near to the ocean, and once the road sweeps on the inside of them it’s hard to tell you’re riding by the sea, apart, of course from the salty wafts constantly drifting inside my helmet.


Along this coast there are endless fisheries, seafood cafes and restaurants. Beautiful in summer and fall, but what of winter in these parts? We ran in and out of tsunami hazard areas, high wind areas, snow zones and signs warning of flooding being possible on the roads.  It could be very bleak I imagine.  In fact, when we stopped for tonight at Yachats, in an Ocean View Motel, we took a walk alongside the ocean, and saw endless dead crab that had been flung onto the beach, where the seas are just too tough for them to live.